Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Bought a truckload of Krav Maga gear yesterday. The uniform sucks like all uniforms do. The fucking pants were designed with basketball players in mind and are way too long. The ball protector for women is a sort of giant g-string, and those things always feel like dental floss in your ass (not that ever really tried putting dental floss in ass but I am sure that's what it would feel like).

I noticed that the muscle in the right hip that I pulled badly last Vappu does not hurt anymore, or at least not more than the symmetrical one in the left hip. Apparently it finally healed, or else I pulled the left one too and don't notice the difference anymore.

Saw Mystic River yesterday. It was pretty good. Clint Eastwood has finally learned to make fairly good movies although checking the little facts is not his strong point.

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