Sunday, September 02, 2012

I'll fucking kill the motherfuckers. Twice. And then I'll kill them again.

These times, and especially here in Finland, I'll probably get into less trouble for that than for piracy. Also, I'll   show the judge how to buy Kindle books on, and after utterly failing to do so he or she will be merciful.

I just wanted to buy a book, for fuck's sake! A bunch of plays by Jean Giraudoux. I already have one, and it was kind of heavy (in the purely physical sense), and I wanted to buy a Kindle edition, which is not a fucking unreasonable desire. And did not have a Kindle edition, so I went to, which did.

I logged into the damn site, and it recognized me, like it always did when I bought something from there, which I do every once in a while. And the I tried to buy the damn book, and it said "this title is unavailable in your country".

Why, for fuck's sake, why? Does Giraudoux object to Kindle editions from the grave? Do those plays contain some French secrets that make it necessary to sell them to foreigners only as paperbacks? Do huge crowds of Americans stampede to buy the French version instead of buying their own, more expensive version? Oops, I forgot: there is no Kindle version available in the US.

Yeah, I have a shitload of devices with Kindle, and I have considered setting up another account where I claim to be a Frenchwoman who just happens to have a Finnish credit card. Maybe I will, yes. But then again, murder is a lot more satisfying, and piracy is both faster and cheaper.