Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Against software patents

There will be a demonstraion against software patents on Thursday, June 2d. It starts at 15:00 on Mannerheiminaukio and moves in front of Eduskuntatalo at 16:15.

More here (in Finnish).

EU constitution

Was so bored at work today (nothing to do while waiting for a customer) that read the EU constitution.

Hurrah for the French. I wouldn't've signed the damn thing either.

200-265 pages for the thing itself, not counting all the protocols, and it's extremely vague. OK, ours is fairly vague too (how do you define pursuit of happiness?), but at least it's way shorter, and besides it's a beta version written in 1787.

In short: "We are for everything good and against everything bad. Please give generously."

The really weird thing about it is that it explicitly bans human cloning. It also prohibits eugenic practices and using human body as a source of financial gain. I am thinking you can ban quite a lot of stuff under such laws.

More peace in Karachi

From News24:

Six Kentucky Fried Chicken employees were burned alive (or rather 4 were burned and 2 were frozen to death) when a mob protesting the suicide bombing of a Shia mosque decided to blame fried chicken for everything.

Three people and two attackers had died during the mosque attack, and 21 were injured.

In spite of the fact that bombing Shia mosques is a time-honored tradition among Sunni terrorist groups in Pakistan, and occasionally the other way around, too, this time the peaceful mob decided to burn KFC, two gas stations and a number of vehicles as a retaliation. The story does not tell whether the KFC employees were Shia or Sunni, or whether anyone cared.

It is apparently traditional in Pakistan to attack American chain restaurants while on a rampage. Also the movie theaters that show American movies, the hospitals, and the all-time Western favorite - the police cars.

Note to self: Pakistan is probably not a good vacation destination.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Registered for Debconf 5 and bought a 12-pack of condoms. Wonder if there is anything freudian about it.

The weekend

On Saturday went to Linnanmäki, pretty much with the same people as on Friday, so everyone looked a bit hung over. Lintsi and hangover do not mix very well.

I went to the rollercoaster and the Rainbow, but some other rideslooked like a sure way to say goodbye to your lunch. Tried the water ride for the first time, with the result being a very wet ass. The 3-D movie was fun.

Then we had some food in Kallio and went to some band place in Arabianranta. I don't know why the hell we have paid to get in, could've comewith our own bottles and listen from outside: the air, the volume the booze and the price would all have been better.

I invited Anu and Ebu to join us, but they were not drunk enough for the Arabianranta place.

On Sunday tried to nap most of the day with variable success. In the evening Anu and Ebu came over and we tried to cure hangover with sparkling wine and almond cake. Successfully, too.

Friday: the zoo

Went to the zoo with Iain and Glenn on Friday. It was fun even though baboons and south american monkeys were on a summer vacation and the arctic foxes and skunks did not want to look at us. The bears were really cute and we even saw the wolverine and the otter. The otter looked like it was expecting dinner from us.

On the way back the guy who was driving the boat seemed to want to drive into a much bigger boat.

At some point we went to the upper floor of Torni and there was an un-fucking-believable line for the elevator. Then we went to Mbar, which is probably not gonna let any of us in ever again. We did a bit arm-wrestling and Antti emerged as the champion, with Tiina taking the second place.

At some point we decided to go dancing somewhere on Iso-Roba, much to the relief of the staff and other customers of Mbar.

Note to self: when one or more people in your party have to be carried to the bar, it might reduce your chances of getting in.

Note to Tiina: too much alcohol and high heels do not mix. I myself always wear sensible shoes after the 10th drink, and often even before.

All in all, I had a very good time even though I did not like this Rose Garden place. But they did not let us into DTM, so there.

On the way home I took some pictures of the sunrise, but they were not very good. I understand that my eyes do not focus very well when drunk, but how come the camera does not focus either?

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Corby case

Schapelle Corby, an Australian woman who was on trial in Indonesia for smuggling 4.1 kilos of marijuana into the country, has just got a 20-year sentence. Oh, dear, and here I was thinking that Indonesian justice system has extremely mild sentences, what with Abu Bakar Bashir (of Jemaah Islamiyah and Bali bombings fame) having gotten only two and a half.

I usually have very little sympathy for Western people (or, for that matter, third-world people) who get caught smuggling drugs wholesale in the countries that give huge sentences for it. Problem is, a lot of people are wondering whether this one got a fair trial.

Another problem is that she is claiming that she had nothing to do with it and that in all likelihood it was baggage handlers using her luggage to smuggle stuff. I have been thinking about the same thing for quite a while now, way before I ever heard of Corby. Both from the point of view that if I were a big-time drug dealer, which I of course am not, I would want to have my people to get jobs as baggage handlers for the increased convenience of smuggling, and from the point of view that I am always worried about somebody smuggling something in my luggage or that of my family and friends. How many of you have had stuff disappear from your luggage? Stuff is just as easy to put in as to take out.

In any case, whether the stuff was smuggled in by Corby or by baggage handlers: why do people smuggle weed from Australia to Indonesia? Is it really that much cheaper in Australia? Indonesia seems like such a good place to grow it...

The Myers-Briggs meme that is going around

I am an INTP, but that would hardly surprise anyone. Mildly introverted, strongly NT and very strongly P.

I guess I was wrong about the bad feeling

We had a comapny party yesterday, and I asked one of the bosses whether there is some trouble. She says no, everything is OK. So it probably is.

The party was not very enjoyable on account of not being in the mood and running out of beer, so I went and had a beer with the English guys, and then they went home and I went to Molly where Anu and Ebu were listening to some scary band. The band turned out to be not so scary, or at least not very loud, but everyone was tired and we went home early.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have a bad feeling about it

My job, that is. The customer does not want me anymore (quite understandably, considering that there is nothing to do) and for some reason I do not think my employer would understand it. The feeling is irrational but quite strong.

There is a company party tonight, where I'll hang out with thirty people I barely know and I am probably feeling too paranoid to be able to know them better. Maybe I'll get some comment on my paranoia. Maybe I'll understand it wrong, or maybe right.

OK, I am paranoid, but this does not mean that everybody is not against me.

Wonder about alcohol intake though: if too drunk, can't watch people well, if too sober, will be too paranoid.

Ei oo helppoa.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I really recommend reading Lilya's LiveJournal if you can (she writes in Russian, so most of you can't). She often writes so well that it makes me want to drop on my knees and say "Master, I am not worthy!".

A good evening with good people, and a hangover

Yesterday Glenn and Iain came over for a few drinks. It was a lot of fun, and the guys were great. I rarely start liking people so much so fast, and now I am a bit sad that for the most part they live in London where I am not likely to see them very often. Well, gotta drink with them some more while they are still here.

After they left I called Anu and she turned out to be in downtown and came over. We opened a bottle of sparkling wine, which in retrospect was a bad idea, or at least I shouldn't've drunk any. After having such a good head start one really should not continue with sparkling wine, and I ended up on my knees praying to the Great White Porcelain God in Norwegian.

I am glad that in my old age I have learned to throw up in the toilet in a clean and ladylike way, as opposed to, say, throwing up all over Keski-Suomalainen Osakunta's club in an uncivilized way.

I passed out in my bed and woke up at half past four to have some tea and take my contacts out. Ugh.

A good friend of mine has always said that one should always be hung over at work rather than at home, because then at least somebody is paying you for it. There is deep wisdom in that, and I came to work a bit earlier than usual.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Star Wars (here be big spoilers!)

Saw the new Star Wars yesterday. Yes, loved the action. Yes, would love to see it again. Yes, seeing Yoda with a lightsaber makes me all excited in many ways most of which you don't wanna know about. But still...

Couldn't Lucas for once hire somebody who can write? One would think that he could already have figured that he cannot. The dialog is so painful that I don't know how the actors manage to pronounce it with straight faces. In fact Hayden Christensen does not manage to pronounce it with a straight face at many points.

And how could Obi-Wan have fucked up so badly at the end and not kill Darth Vader? If I fucked up like that I would also go to a corner or to Tatooine for twenty years and just sit there being ashamed of myself.

And the trasnformation of Anakin is soooo believable. Yeah, a guy for whom personal is the same as important and who chooses personal relations over duty would surely immediately become a lot more dutiful after switching to the dark side and start killing old friends right and left. Right.

They hid the kids in such good places, too. Good thing Darth Vader was not looking for them.

Finally, I was so looking forward to seeing a violent death of Jar-Jar Binks, but no such luck.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The weekend

The weekend was, well, the first real summer weekend with all the appropriate absurdity and more.

An unbelievably sweet guy at work invited me to have some beers with some coworkers. At first I reacted with a bit of suspicion, but went there anyway, and it turned out well since only nice people showed up.

We had some drinks in a bar, then made a heroic effort to find a restaurant that serves food (I had totally forgotten how hard it is to find a place to eat on Friday night, them went to a worse bar, then to a nightclub that reminded me why I don't go to nightclubs anymore, and then had some tea at one guy's place. The nightclub was awful but the people were fun to be with.

We were supposed to go to Suomenlinna the next morning, and did, even though it was a bit later than was planned and some of the participants were in a somewhat weak condition. Sheesh, the young generation nowadays...

Had some wine with Jari and Riitta Saturday night.

Was planning to stay in bed with Killeri all day on Sunday and have sex in a cheerful summery way, but right after... uhm, right after ..., Anu and Satu called and invited us to go drink in a park with them. They did not, of course, inform us that they had drunk Juha with them, although I suppose drunk Ebu was enough of a warning. It was fun anyway, and Juha did not manage to piss on the picknik blanket even once, though not for the lack of trying. I also got lots of compromising pictures of them all, can possibly blackmail Juha for a good beer.

Note to self: hide all breakable things from drunk Ebu.

Ended up in Juha's place at night. On the way Killeri escaped, but we captured Elaine and Jarkko instead as they were walking their puppy. The puppy is really sweet and huge and did not even bite Ebu, which probably makes him a saint (the puppy, not Ebu).

It was fun at Juha's, but I was too tired by that point and went home to sleep. I had almost forgotten what sleep was. Viu says it's a bad substitute for coffee.

Friday, May 20, 2005

About work, again

It has become quite nice, really: tea and good company (in the "nice people" sense), and not much to do.

I keep thinking that everything I've done so far Anu (who is a translator without any computer science education) would have been able to do just as well, and probably better. Maybe we should recruit her here as a freelance contractor?

Newsweek and riots, again. And Rice

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says: "Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States. We honor the sacred books of all the world's great religions. Disrespect for the Holy Koran is abhorrent to us all."

Speak for yourself, woman. Who this "us all" is? No matter whether you mean the State Department, Americans, or Westerners in general, a number of people consider being able to express disrespect for Koran to be a fundamental human right.

Can you say "a dumb statement in face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary"? Open your copy of the US constitution, Ms. Rice, if you have one, or google it if you don't:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I am afraid that it says right here that the US does in fact have to tolerate the disrespect for the Koran. They make people learn this, more or less, in order to become citizens. Apparently remembering our constitution is not a requirement for becoming the Secretary of State.

I have no great love of any kind of fundamentalists, but can you imagine even the most atrocious Christian fundies from Biggest Shithole, Bible Belt rioting on the street and killing each other just because some magazine somewhere printed an article about some horrible dumbfucks in, say, Afghanistan flushing bibles down the toilets (assuming they have flushable toilets)? Hold on, there were horrible dumbfucks ruling Afghanistan for a number of years, they were called the Taliban, and not only did they disrespect Christianity in every way, they destroyed two big and historic Buddha statues. And did anyone, anywhere, hear reports of Christians or Buddhists rioting and killing each other because of whatever Taliban did? Didn't think so.

Everyone is yelling at Newsweek now for the stupid article, because Newsweek should of course have known that in some countries of the most peaceful religion there will be murderous riots. Much fewer people are expressing outrage at the rioters themselves. But it's not due to the fact that people are trying to be politically correct or trying to show support for the rioters. It's called "low expectations".

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Went to see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. It was absurd and very funny. Want to see it again.

This is very funny too, but in Russian.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A card-carrying EFFI member

It's official: now I am a card-carrying EFFI member (except that don't have a card). Tremble before me, evil forces of censorship and software patents!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek and riots

Newsweek printed a story about Guanatanamo investigators flushing Korans down the toilet, there were riots in Afghanistan, 15 people or so got killed.

I am not even saying anything about Newsweek. Burger has pretty much said it all. What I would like to know is why, when a Western magazine reports on Western people flushing Korans in toilets thousands of kilometers from the nearest Moslem country, Moslems on the other side of the world have a huge riot and kill 15 of their own countrymen?

If this is a normal phenomenon (every time a Western magazine reports some desecration of the Koran somewhere some Moslems somewhere kill each other) I shudder to think what kind of ideas this might give to some people.

There were no riots of plumbers reported anywhere in connection with the incident.

Eek! I got a blue ass!

Had a semidecent day at work today. At least there is something to look at: at least two pretty women and one guy who is somehow very cute without being sexually attractive to me, which is kind of rare. Also a guy in a funny t-shirt and a guy in very short pants.

They fixed the doorbell, too, which is nice when you don't have a key.

Went to Cessu's place after work and had some tea with him and Jarkko. It was very nice and I got a beer. We remembered the old times and exchanged rumors, etc. Even Cessu's kid is not particularly evil and is pretty smart for her age.

It was raining very hard when I went home, and now I got a bright blue ass. Apparently my jeans bleed color. No, no .jpg for you perverts. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The evil anonymous blog

The evil anonymous blog is up and running. It contains mostly whining about my current and former employers. I would appreciate it if people who know about it do not link it publicly to me in any way. the employers are obviously not mentioned by name (neither the companies not the people).

You can ask me for the URL in person or on IRC if you want to read it.

Life and weekend

Spent Thursday evening crying to Killeri and being consoled in the usual way.

On Saturday had to miss Diskurssi because Satu was here. This sucks (missing Diskurssi). I guess now the only thing to do is to catch Laura and get her sufficiently drunk and steer the conversation to the Baltic fish.

Had a nice evening, though. It was great to see Satu and all those people that I only see when Satu is here. Ooster is a very pleasant bar even though beer selection is not great. The non-smoking part rocks.

Today we helped Lyn move. Her new office is cool even though full of stuff from the old renter. In a nice place, too.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bad things

I don't feel safe writing about my work here anymore. Neither about the employer, nor about the customer. I am considering starting another blog in addition to this one, that does not have my name on it, and writing about work matters there.

BTW, it really sucks when snappy comebacks come to your mind at the right moments, but you don't deem it safe to actualy pronounce them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Germany shuts down a nuclear reactor

Germany has shut down its oldest and smallest nuclear reactor, and is planning to shut down the rest of them by the year 2020. A 30 percent rise in wholesale power prices in the past year won't slow the decommissioning, according to the Environment Ministry. The nuclear power plants currently produce a third of Germany's power.

How the fuck are they gonna live? Some newspapers mention windpower. I understand that they have a lot of wind, what with all the sauerkraut and sausage. Yeah, and the North Sea, and the Baltic. Still they won't have enough wind even if you order all Germans to stand and fart in the same direction.

According to BBC, Germany hopes that by 2010 wind will meet 12.5% of German energy needs. How they only have to get another 20.83% somewhere by 2020.

According to Bloomberg "Germany aims to make up for the loss by adding more natural- gas and coal-fired stations, which emit carbon dioxide, while trying to cut carbon emissions 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020. It has cut emissions by about 19 percent so far in an effort to combat global warming. Nuclear plants don't emit carbon dioxide." Yeah, right. Build more fossil fuel power plants, cut down the emissions, increase public services, cut down taxes, invent perpetual motion and establish world peace and democracy for everyone. And of course a lot of money for everyone so that nobody would have to go to work. And the electricity, as we all know, comes from the wall. Hopefully not the Berlin one.

The weekend

The weekend was good even though I was still quite tired. On Saturday was Laura's and Edu's wedding party, which everyone else already wrote about, but I can repeat once more that the party was great and the cake was delicious and I ate too much of it, and the Irish band was good, which is quite exceptional because bands rarely are, and Laura had a real dress as opposed to a white fluffy one, and it was not frightening at all except for one moment there when it was just me and a lot of scary relatives. (The relatives were not scary per se, it's just scary to be alone with friends' relatives and just stand there trying to pretend to be a nice girl from a good family and failing desperately, even though am in fact a nice girl from a mostly-good family.) Anyway, some more friends came and then the party became really fun. At somepoint the party moved to Vltava and it was fun there too, even though I drank the kind of beer that should not be drunk.

On Sunday Heli came over and we had a nice evening and some wine.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


First day at the customer's place. So far so good, except that it's been a training session and I am suffering from computer withdrawal.

People are really nice, except for one who made a rather uncharitable comment about stupid Yanks without realizing she is sitting next to one. I decided not to take her up on it, this being the first day and all...

There is a guy there who owns most weird-looking cats. Hope my NDA does not forbid mentioning it. In fact they are kind of cute. Cornish Rex, if I remember right.

Bought a backpack today since my old one fell apart. The damn things are way too expensive.

Friday, May 06, 2005

A meme (from Kristiina)

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451. Which book do you want to be?

Don't really understand what the question means.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

I guess not, not 100% sure. I have gotten some sexual excitement from watching men in the movies, but I think it's mostly the actors' looks and not the characters that I am responding to.

The last book you finished is?

Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

What are you currently reading?

Jeffery Deaver's The Garden of Beasts.

Five books you would take to a deserted island?

A book about building radio transmitters, a book about building rafts, a book about surviving in the wilderness, a book about navigation and an atlas of very detailed maps of the island and the surrounding areas.

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

Not going to. Whoever wants it can take it.

Go Brazil

Brazil has just refused a $40 million anti-AIDS grant from the US because one of conditions of the grant was condemning prostitution. It was not explained what exactly the condemnation entailed (saying "prostitution bad, fire bad, tree pretty"? banning prostitution and condemning prostitutes in a court of law? having a Catholic priest condemn prostitutes to hell?), but the Brazilian officials, not unreasonably, figured that condemning prostitution is not very conductive to the anti-HIV work among prostitutes, and rejected the grant. Good for them. Probably good for us too, in a way of a reality check.

Could you imagine a bigger waste of $40 million than spending it on telling people not to fuck? Especially considering the recent study saying that thus-brainwashed teenagers, at least in the US, tended to prefer anal sex to the regular one as a virginity-preserving measure. Yeah, this would really stop the spread of HIV.

SMS to police, part 2

After wondering last summer why one cannot send SMS to the police emergency number I wrote an email to them and received an answer saying that the SMS are not sufficiently reliable.

Now it looks like they have finally seen the light and the text messages to emergency services are coming by the end of the year.

They should be grateful anyway

Apparently feeling that he should express his own opinion on the matter of Baltic states, which should be different from both Putin's and Yastrzhembsky's, Russian Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov said that Baltic states should be grateful for the occupation anyway.

I am sure many of their (nowadays mostly late) citizens were supposed to be grateful for the exotic adventure vacations in Siberia, too.

It didn't happen! Besides, we apologized for it already.

Russian president Vladimir Putin said that an apology to the Baltic states for their occupation will not be forthcoming, due to the fact that they have apologized and condemned it already.

When, where? I must've missed it.

Sergei Yastrzhembsky, the Russian ambassador to the European Union, must've missed it too, because he insists that there was no occupation, but that the Soviet troops were invited into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by their governments. Yeah, and the Afghanistan thing was just a bit of brotherly help. And I am sure our very own US government is just giving a hand to Iraqi people (or at least the middle finger, anyway).

Now what was that little piece of paper that Molotov and Ribbentrop signed again?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Human life and its worth

Probably talked about it before, too, but here goes:

I have never been able to understand the common Finnish reasoning about the value of life of a violent criminal. It has been explained to me many times, but I still don't. Maybe should try again.

I understand very well the "criminals are also people" idea, in the sense of providing humane conditions in prisons, etc. What I don't get is the idea that a criminal's life while in the process of committing a violent crime should be so valuable that normal people should risk their life or health or flee their home for the sake of it.

No, I am not asking for an explanation here, I think the size of the comments is not enough. If you know me IRL we can discuss it IRL.

Maybe it's just because it's not valuable to me. I mean, I usually have no particular desire to kill criminals and have no desire to hit them on the head with an axe when a kick in the balls is enough, but if there is really a question of killing them vs. a serious risk of an injury to me - hell, the attacker's life is infinitely less valuable than the convenience of not having to deal with pain and inconvenience of, say, a broken arm.

Apparently most of the voters feel otherwise. Considering that most voters are not violent criminals, I would like to know what makes them feel otherwise. I suspect this is just some deep cultural difference between them and me, but it would be nice to understand. I also wonder whether the experience of having been attacked affects people's opinions, and how. (I have my cynical suspicions, but it would be nice to see statistics.)

Another thing: how is the almost-universal Finnish belief that one should flee rather than defend one's own home because the life of the criminal is more valuable than your property reconciled with the fact that citizens are not only allowed but required to defend the country if it is attacked? Apparently the land of Finland is indeed more valuable than the lives of an army of attacking Russians (oops, I mean unnamed neighboring superpower, of course). Why?

Bugger Welho

Mio (a nice person from a previous job) called me this morning and asked me about my Welho broadband. I told her I don't have it anymore and almost opened my mouth to advice her not to get it either when she told me that good, then they will stop paying for it.

WTF? I did not know they paid for it. Apparently Welho did not know it either, because they billed me too for the same period. Apparently they also billed my employer.

Now Mio is trying to get their money back (I hope).


Got a freezer. Hurrah! Now gotta get some ice cream to put in it.

It really works, too. Even my thermometer which has always shown 26 degrees before regardless of the actual temperature is showing -16 if put inside it.

Bought some frozen vegetables, in case my mom is reading this.

Monday, May 02, 2005


Vappu was quite good, especially considering that I got very little sleep last week. Nice people, and not too many of them in one place. I think I had too much sparkling wine, and some of it came back up after I came home, and I was very tired in the end, but I had a good time. Killeri went to both parties with me, which was especially nice since he does not go to the parties often.

Saw Laura, Jukka and Nelli, which does not happen often. Was very nice to see them. Nelli is huge in comparison with the last time I saw her. Gotta invite them over sometime soon, except for Nelli since am allergic to dogs. Gotta also gently encourage Laura to put Nelli's pictures up on the web.

Considering my condition the night before (although was not very bad since managed to throw up in my own toilet in a perfectly ladylike way) was feeling very good on Sunday. Woke up early and in good mood, but did not go to Ullanlinnanmäki as was bloody cold and too crowded and could not bear thought of more sparkling wine. Instead vegetated at home all day, watched The Amazing Race (Anu managed to get me hooked on it) and purchased a freezer and a table on huuto.net. Although the bugger who is selling the table is nowhere to be found yet.

In view of my New Life (new job, new haircolor, new bottle opener, new freezer-and-table-to-be and maybe soon even a new Linux distro), and under the influence of paranoid new coworkers joined EFFI. Don't know what took me so long.

Ullanlinnanmäellä tosi rauhallista

"Helsingissä vappupäivää vietettiin Kaivopuistossa, jonne kerääntyi noin 45 ihmistä," - sanoo Hesari. Ei ihme että he sanovat myös että vappu oli rauhallisempi kuin tavallisesti.