Monday, May 30, 2005

Friday: the zoo

Went to the zoo with Iain and Glenn on Friday. It was fun even though baboons and south american monkeys were on a summer vacation and the arctic foxes and skunks did not want to look at us. The bears were really cute and we even saw the wolverine and the otter. The otter looked like it was expecting dinner from us.

On the way back the guy who was driving the boat seemed to want to drive into a much bigger boat.

At some point we went to the upper floor of Torni and there was an un-fucking-believable line for the elevator. Then we went to Mbar, which is probably not gonna let any of us in ever again. We did a bit arm-wrestling and Antti emerged as the champion, with Tiina taking the second place.

At some point we decided to go dancing somewhere on Iso-Roba, much to the relief of the staff and other customers of Mbar.

Note to self: when one or more people in your party have to be carried to the bar, it might reduce your chances of getting in.

Note to Tiina: too much alcohol and high heels do not mix. I myself always wear sensible shoes after the 10th drink, and often even before.

All in all, I had a very good time even though I did not like this Rose Garden place. But they did not let us into DTM, so there.

On the way home I took some pictures of the sunrise, but they were not very good. I understand that my eyes do not focus very well when drunk, but how come the camera does not focus either?

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