Monday, May 02, 2005


Vappu was quite good, especially considering that I got very little sleep last week. Nice people, and not too many of them in one place. I think I had too much sparkling wine, and some of it came back up after I came home, and I was very tired in the end, but I had a good time. Killeri went to both parties with me, which was especially nice since he does not go to the parties often.

Saw Laura, Jukka and Nelli, which does not happen often. Was very nice to see them. Nelli is huge in comparison with the last time I saw her. Gotta invite them over sometime soon, except for Nelli since am allergic to dogs. Gotta also gently encourage Laura to put Nelli's pictures up on the web.

Considering my condition the night before (although was not very bad since managed to throw up in my own toilet in a perfectly ladylike way) was feeling very good on Sunday. Woke up early and in good mood, but did not go to Ullanlinnanmäki as was bloody cold and too crowded and could not bear thought of more sparkling wine. Instead vegetated at home all day, watched The Amazing Race (Anu managed to get me hooked on it) and purchased a freezer and a table on Although the bugger who is selling the table is nowhere to be found yet.

In view of my New Life (new job, new haircolor, new bottle opener, new freezer-and-table-to-be and maybe soon even a new Linux distro), and under the influence of paranoid new coworkers joined EFFI. Don't know what took me so long.

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