Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Too much work

Got my ass kicked in Krav Maga in the morning, and now am getting fucked in every hole at work. Not that anything in particular is wrong, it's just that there is a million things to do and they come at me faster than I can do them. Oh well, at least I am getting a fair lot done. But I am tired and need a drink.

Not in a bad mood though: had a very nice though not particularly relaxing weekend, even made it to Joy and Krabak's place at some point and ate all their spring rolls, and today found and fixed a big bug that I was wondering about for a long time now, so feel like a winner. A somewhat tired winner in need of a drink and good company, both of which are scheduled for tonight.

In the world there is business as usual: Al-Qaeda threatening Saudi Arabia and planning chemical attack on Jordan. Ugh. Suddenly I feel sorry for them: they can't even do terrorist profiling since all the normal people there are also Arabs. But they seem to manage somehow: Jordanians did stop that chemical attack.

Our new friend Murr-Murr is visiting in Brussels.

The people who took Italian hostages in Iraq threaten to kill the hostages unless Italians demonstrate against war. Gee, and I though it was bad when our teachers threatened us with bad grades if we don't go to the 1st of May demonstration.

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