Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Had a very nice evening with Anu and Elaine yesterday, but was feeling a bit unwell in the morning. At first I did not realize what my problem was - I did not drink more than I usually would during such an event - but then I figured out that I went through the regular amount of alcohol in half the regular time. Well, that explains it.

I the morning I was in a condition that can only be healed by raw herring and strawberries with cream, so went to work through Hakaniemen tori to get these, except the cream since am in no condition to whip it by hand. Hakaniemen tori is good for you, or in any case good for me. The smell of a large amount an variety or raw fish excites me in many ways (yes, including sexual - insert your favorite lesbian joke here if you wish) and tends to heal minor effects of alcohol poisoning.

Now feeling a bit better after a raw herring (it's delicious, try it if you haven't) a cup of tea and half a liter of strawberries. Can actually do work.

My muscles are kind of sore too, but I don't think alcohol is at fault. Too much exercise yesterday.

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