Thursday, April 29, 2004


There was a thread about Linkola on one web forum today. I perked up, hoping for an obituary, but no such luck. Bummer.

Unchristian feeling, I know. (Sounds funny when I say it since obviously am not a Christian, and of course the sentiment in question is a bit unbecoming for a good Jew as well, but "unjewish" does not have quite the same ring to it, rather makes me think of unkosher food.) But I am generally pissed off by people who think that humankind is a cancer on the face of sweet and innocent earth, most especially by the ones who demand the the cancer be eliminated by killing the people who are already living, as opposed to just using birth control, and even more than that by the ones who demand killing more and more people, never include themselves in the number of ones who should be killed, and in addition to that have children. I have no idea how a person who keeps cheering every time someone dies because he thinks there are too many people actually dares to make two more with his very own dick.

Usually such people live very far from the areas of various natural disasters and cheer very loudly when a natural disaster strikes somewhere else with as many casualties as possible. They also tend to live far away from areas of famine and cheer when somebody starves in Africa. As the 9/11 experience has shown, if a disaster strikes their own country the people with such worldview do not usually cheer much, although whether it is because the disaster has struck too close to home or for fear of the disapproval of their fellow citizens I do not know.

I think there should be a very special circle of hell for people like Linkola, a sort of endless seminar where they are forced to read and analyze every line of each other's writings, and where all the victims of natural and unnatural disasters get to beat them up with an ecologically incorrect item of their choice.

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