Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yeah, and we eat babies, too

At some point Dilbert stopped being funny because it became to close to reality, or rather reality became too close to it. It looks like the same fate is about to befall Borat.

Some Israeli newspaper was having some kind of promotion, and released a number of green balloons. Wind carried the balloons over the border to Lebanon, where the official news agency claimed that they were poisoned balloons dispersed by IDF aircraft.

Yep, that's totally how I'd do it. If I wanted to attack the neighboring country with a poison gas, I'll put it into neon-green balloons covered with some writing in my language, release them over the border and just hope that some morons would be stupid enough to catch them, pop them open and inhale the gas. Sure thing. Great plan.

But wait: "the Lebanese media reported that some civilians were hospitalized after inhaling the gas in the balloons." Oy vey. OK, once again: you get some green balloons from the enemy territory, you are dumb enough to believe that they are a weapon delivery system, your government tells you that they are full of poison gas, so you catch one, pop it open, and inhale?

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