Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here we go again

Our dear old friend, Taj el-Din "cat meat" al-Hilali (aka Australia's Grand Mufti), is at it again. Once again he gets himself totally misunderstood and taken out of context.

In an interview on Egyptian TV Al-Hilali reminded his listeners that the white Australians arrived in Australia as convicts and said "We (Muslims) came as free people. We bought our own tickets. We are entitled to Australia more than they are."

Oh, please. It's just like me dissing someone's ancestors for having been geeks who spent their time writing snarky blogs. Now whose ass got convicted and jailed in Egypt for smuggling? Who overstayed his tourist visa? By 24 years, no less? Who was driving an uninsured and unregistered car and assaulted police when they pointed it out? Who was a member of Muslim Brotherhood when it was banned in Egypt? Who, at the age of 63, encouraged children to do suicide bombings?

This very entitled new Australian still does not speak much English after his 24 years in the country to which he is so entitled.

I think if the fucker were a little bit brighter he would have figured that this is not the moment to remind Australians that you can get rid of highly undesirable people by sending them overseas. They've started discussing the matter all by themselves three months ago after his previous public appearance. Which was, of course, taken out of context. Somebody please send the man a t-shirt saying "everything I say is taken out of context".

Al-Hilali was named "Muslim Man of the Year" for 2005 at the first Australian Muslim Achievement Awards by Mission of Hope. Kind of makes me wonder what the rest of them were up to.

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