Friday, January 12, 2007

Told ya

Australia's Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone and NSW Premier Morris Iemma said that if al-Hilali doesn't like Australia he shouldn't bother coming back.

NSW Community Relations Commission (CRC) chairman Stepan Kerkyasharian has told al-Hilali to "keep his mouth shut'.

Don't these "firebrand clerics" (lovely euphemism, never means anything other than "Islamist thug") ever follow what happens to other firebrand clerics? One could think that the example of Omar Bakri Mohammed would make them start thinking, but I guess thinking is not one of their stronger points.

Granted, Omar Bakri Mohammed was not a British citizen and al-Hilali is an Australian citizen (although this can change: the Immigration Minister has already hinted that she doubts that he really meant what he said in his naturalization oath, and there is ample evidence from his public speeches that he in fact did not), but seriously: if your country's officials tell you to bugger off, not bother coming back and keep your mouth shut, and tell so publicly, to the press, this is a subtle hint that you have seriously run out of everybody's patience and goodwill, and the officials know it.

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