Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Jihad is my hobby! Love affair with a horse! Explosive passion guaranteed!"

(Via LGF.)

Usually it's kind of silly to make fun of others' personals, but this is just so good:

"My intrests are Islam,reading,fiqh,Jihad and fighting i the cause of Allah, history, martialarts, mountains,computers,gadgets,internet,horse back riding,Driving fast bikes,current affairs, brainstorming,science,traveling,financial/investing,camping,walking,jogging,and hiking and spending quality time with my mum ,my family and truest friends."

What? No romantic walks on the beach, beheading infidels, fishing, making improvised explosive devices and rollerskating? Man, you are so narrow-minded!

"I have alawys had a loveaffair with Horse"

Oh, dear. How does your goat feel about that? And are you quite sure you want to move on to women?

He has jihad as a hobby and a love affair with a horse. And god only knows what does "spending quality time with my mum" means for this horse-lover (OTOH she is probably not a horse. I hope.). I am sure all the women are just lining up.

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