Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maxinetti and viestintävirasto: screwing the customers together

Maxinetti has offered all its broadband customers PCTV (TV access through the Internet). One does not need a TV card or anything, one just has to install some program and then one can watch TV in a browser.

Viestintävirasto, not surprisingly, declared that all the Maxinetti subscribers should pay the TV tax from now on.

Considering that none of the Maxinetti subscribers actually asked for it I have a few of questions:

- How does Viestintävirasto feel about TV:s installed right outside an apartment window, the screen against the glass, and fully viewable by people in the apartment?

- Is Viestintävirasto going to give the current Maxinetti customers some grace time to switch providers? (Yeah, I know one can just forget to mention the whole thing to them, but I would like an official opinion.)

- If Viestintävirasto believes that all the Maxinetti customers should start paying TV tax immediately, will Maxinetti reimburse them for it?

- In either case, how is Maxinetti planning to reimburse the customers who are going to have to leave it after this? Are they going to make sure that they stop billing right after the customer switches providers so that there is no double billing? Are they going to let the people who have 12-month contract break the contract before it ends? Are they going to reimburse the installation fee?

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