Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tired and educated

Sort of generally tired lately. Everyone is going to see some 2-for-1 movies today, but I have too little energy even for that. Haven't been to Krav Maga in a while due to too much sneezing. At work I just sit there, stare at the screen and flap my ears. Sometimes some bugs get fixed, but it happens sort of automatically without going through my brain. I need a vacation. I need the vacation money, too.

Nevertheless I managed to drag myself to a Chinese class today, where I was immediately rewarded by the presense of Sini. Sini is always nice to see in general, but it was especially nice to see her there, since I rarely run into a familiar face in my quest to learn all the natural and unnatural languages in the world.

The class has the same teacher as the last year (went there a couple of times, then figured it did not fit into my schedule). New book, though. On one hand it's a good thing, because the old one was atrocious, on the other hand it means I gotta buy the damn thing. Urgh. Hope they have it in Boston's Chinatown for less than here.

After yesterday's Japanese the Chinese texts look very understandable and familiar, which is funny. Also I realized that I have finally learn to distinguish Mandarin tones, at least when I concentrate on it and at least in about 80% of the cases. Cool. I feel so enlgihtened and educated. Now if I only learned to distinguish the triply-fucked sibilants...

Hope it has at least some use for my ultimate goal of learning Cantonese, although this is a bit doubtful since both the characters and the pronunciation are wrong. They should teach us the traditional characters as well, IMO.

Graah. I need a vacation.

Yesterday spent an evening with Killeri, who was very sweet and made me forget about being tired, at least for the time when he was there. Today I probably just need a rest. Too tired to go to the movies is a pretty bad condition for me.

Did I mention I need a vacation? Haven't had one since May.

Speaking about the vacations: if I arrive to Heathrow at 9 am and have to be back by 6 pm (plane leaving at 7:30), will I have enough time for the Museum of Natural History and Camden town?

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