Friday, September 17, 2004

The brave new TKTL

I am still sort of not quite well, which causes me to miss many nonessential activities, but this morning I managed to drag my ass to the new building of the Department of the Computer Science to listen to Lasu's lecture and take a look at the building. Lasu talked about the realities of life ot work, talked well, as he always does, and probably did not even scare too many people away from the field.

The building is quite OK, but the location sucks big-time. The only way from the bus stops to the buildings is an unpaved and fairly steep path through a little bit of forest. No problem now, but is gonna be a fairly big problem during the part of the year when all the roads become covered with ice that is in turned covered with a layer of water. That's when you slip while going down, fall on your ass and continue you descent on your now wet ass very fast, bumping into people who in turn fall onto you and also go down very fast on top of you.

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