Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nice people, and hot chocolate with rum.

Had some rum hot chocolate with Leena before the movie. She has a bit of a flu, so I convinced her that rum hot chocolate would help or at least would take her mind off it.

Met Jarkko at the movie, invited him for a cup of hot chocolate too. It's been many months since I'd seen him and almost two years since the last drinking together (it was sake, I believe). Was nice to see him again.

He'd cut his hair short in order to avoid being taken for a tree-hugging bunny-loving New Age guy. I did not quite have the heart to tell him that it wasn't the hair, but rather all the tree hugging and bunny loving that gave people the idea. (And get your minds out of the gutter: Jarkko loves bunnies in the sense of caring for their well-being, and not in the same steamy erotic way in which Osama, for example, loves camels.)

Would like to have a drink with him again in some foreseeable future (which probably means sometime this year). Maybe this time we'll drink sake.

Hmm, probably should have some sake with Anya next week, too. If she is able to. Or tea, if not.

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