Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The work stress is still on, we gotta fix everything by Friday.

Slept normally for the first time in a while - I don't know whether the workers who usually make noise in the yard were unusually quiet today, or whether I was unusually tired and just slept through it.

Made an unusual cleanup effort at home. The results cannot be seen with a naked eye, but now a lot of papers are in order and I've got a nasty allergic cough. Should learn to use a respirator mask, allergy pills and rubber gloves while cleaning, but I do it so rarely that I forget.

It's un-fucking-believably windy now here.

Took a picture of a rainbow yesterday. For the first time in my life my camera and a rainbow happened to be at the same place at the same time.

Found out that the horrible sound in my computer comes from the chassis fan. Usually the computer stops making scary sounds when I approach it, but I sneaked up on it and disconnected the fan, and immediately heard that all the other fans are working nicely and quietly. Don't know if should get another fan or just wash this one.

Russia is offering a bit more than $10 million for Basayev and Maskhadov, but did not say whether it's for both or per head, and if for both, what do you get for one? $5 million, nothing at all, or is it some $6 million each, both for $10 million - special offer?

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