Monday, September 20, 2004

Male beauty, again

Jukka asked whether women's tastes in men's looks change with time, and I decided that the topic merits its own entry.

To put it simply, can't say about other women, but for myself I can say no, at least not a lot. I still like pretty much the same things as I liked when I was 5. Some adjustments, however, happened during these years:

1. I've seen a lot more, therefore learned to want more and better. In particular, long-haired and Asian men (not necessarily in combination) are a lot more available to me (both to have sex with and just to look at) in Boston and/or Helsinki than they were back then in St. Petersburg. Not that I even particularly want Asian as opposed to white, but it sure was nice to try. Also, as a teenager I liked a particular kind of facial features. I still like the same, except that now I noticed that they are also sometimes available in a more intense and exaggerated version, at least in Finland.

2. I used to prefer black hair, which was not very constructive, since the facial features/eyes/skin that I like tends to occur mostly in combination with blond and light brown hair. At 18, after realizing that while I find bluish black hair pretty, most of the actual men that I fancy are blond, I decided to face up to the fact that I like blond guys. Don't care about hair color at all now.

3. Some features that used to be neutral to begin with became attractive during the years, simply because they were on men whom I found otherwise attractive and were available to my eyes, and occasionally other organs, on the regular basis. For example very light skin and golden freckles on shoulders. (I can almost imagine the owner of said freckles giggling while reading this.)

4. There used to be some peer (or rather older female relative) pressure influence, not enough to actually influence my taste but enough to make me apologize for it. That disappeared years ago when I told the relatives to stuff it. The pressure was applied especially against short men and men with somewhat upturned noses. I tend not to mind the former and to actively like the latter.

That said, now I am really curious how other people's preferences for the looks of potential sex partners have changed or failed to change with years. Please comment.

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