Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sunday, tiredness and the beginning of the semester

Was really tired on Sunday, spent most of the day in bed. In the evening went to Lasu's place. There were some nice people and some nice Scotch. Came home in a bad mood, though. Scotch is not good for me.

Yesterday was a HKL strike, buses did not run. Stayed home and worked. Went to a lecture, too. Japanese.

The semester has started and I have to drag my ass to some classes. Managed to go to a Japanese class in two parts, one taught by a funny Finnish woman who has the manner of a kindergarden teacher, and the other taught by an even funnier Japanese woman who looks like a manga character and always has a very amused smile on her face. I'd love to take a picture of her, but I don't think she would appreciate. Anyway, she told us that people who cannot be in every class should stay out entirely and should not even come in to listen, which sort of leaves me out. Bugger. Probably gonna go study Chinese instead. This is sort of a bummer, although I'd love to be able to read Chinese, because the Chinese they teach at the university is mandarin, and in simplified characters, too. The simplified characters are different from the normal characters, but in no way simpler, and Mandarin has a lot more sibilants than any normal language should be legally allowed to have, and I can't hear a difference between half of them.

I still want to learn Cantonese, but nobody is teaching it. It's a good language, has only three sibilants and those are not too hard.

Maybe should go study Japanese in kielikeskus instead, but I haven't signed up and all the classes are surely full.

Also am going to study Dutch, which is kind of embarassing since this is the fourth semester of it and I can't remember a fucking word.

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