Friday, September 10, 2004


On Wednesday night a few of them have beaten up Magomet Tolboyev, a cosmonaunt and a politician, for riding the subway while looking like a "southerner" (a person from Caucaus or Central Asia). Tolboyev is a person of some influence, so a lot of trouble is expected.

On July 31 one of them shot Rustam Baybekov for riding the subway without a ticket or a permission to live in Moscow while looking like a southerner.

In June one of them has beaten a passenger to death. It is unclear whether the passenger was guilty of looking like a southerner, but he sure was guilty of riding the subway at the very least.

On July 31 three of them have also beaten to death a guy who was guilty of being a resident of Tatarstan, although if the name is something to go by he probably did not look like a southerner.

And these are just the deeds of the Moscow subway police this summer. Think about it if you are thinking of visiting Moscow. Especially while looking like a southerner.

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