Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Visited Anya on Monday. It was the first time I went to her current place by subway, and it wasn't so bad, just 25 minutes or so from Park Street. I'd never taken the red line so far south, but it did not turn out to be scary in the manner of orange line. She does not live too far away from the subway station, either.

Her neighborhood in Quincy has only Asian people in the streets and everything is written in Chinese. The local businesses offer their customers unlimited opportunity to practice both Mandarin and Cantonese. Cool.

Anya is very severely pregnant and looks really funny - she is small and thin and her stomach is so big that it's unclear how she stays upright. She is fed up with being pregnant and want the baby to be born already, but it still isn't. I suggested we should promise to show it the Ropecon, it worked for Kristel's baby.

We caught up on some news, but this is like a drop in the ocean. Gonna see her again today, if she is not too busy giving birth.

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