Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Aunt Lyuda and suicidal squirrels

Got to Boston late on Saturday night. Saw aunt Lyuda from San Francisco (no relation to earlier-mentioned L) who was staying over at my parents' place. She is always very nice to see, too bad I don't see her very often (last time was 3 years ago, I believe). Looks really great for her age, too - I know of several movie stars who should be envious.

In the morning we went to drive her to the airport, and on the way saw dozens and dozens of dead squirrels on the highway and in the streets. Usually there is one or at most two. Have no idea what has caused so many squirrels to cross the roads and get run over by cars. A squirrel mass suicide cult? Sudden belief in the great bright future on the other side? They were crossing every which way.

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