Thursday, September 23, 2004

I need a vacation

Sorry for the old familiar topic, but I really need a vacation. Right fucking now. Can't concentrate on anything at all, even masturbation, and am constantly in a silly mood, which is, this blog nonwithstanding, not normal for me.

Can't really do anything either. Came home a bit after 7 with the intention of cleaning my place and packing a suitcase, and have not been able to do either, or anything else for that matter. Ate something; mostly just sat and stared into space; managed to collect empty coke bottles (an amazing amount for a person who never buys coke) into a plastic bag.

I have a feeling that if I am at work one day longer I will take all my clothes off, put some Russian disco music on and run naked along the hall, emitting terrifying battle cries, waving a banana like a spear and pinching horrified coworkers on the ass, albeit in a fairly nonagressive way.

Hark! Who is that, striding along the hallway! It is Vera, hands clutching a huge banana! She roars thunderously:

"I'm going to fuck you until you are unable to sit properly!!"

(OK, coworkers, don't get scared. I'll pull myself together and try to write that one document instead. Or, failing that, write something improper on usenet. Promise to keep my clothes on and bananas in the store, seriously.)

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