Monday, September 20, 2004

Azumi and social life

All the ingredients were kind of bad, except for cute Japanese guys, but the final result was still quite entertaining. It's a movie about medieval assasins with a teenage girl assasin as the main character. I expected much better martial art action, but did not get it.

The actress playing the main character was not convincing in any way. She was not a good actress, not particularly pretty, and, worst of all, quite unconvincing as a swordswoman. Was still fun to watch.

Ran into Kikka and Tane there. Had been looking forward to a quiet evening by myself, having had too few of those lately, but the temptation to invite them over proved overwhelming. Did not get any decent rest but had a very nice evening in good company, and suddenly felt very fortunate to have them, in the sense of knowing a number of people who are not my close friends whom I see on a regular basis, but who are wonderful people and whom I like well enough to invite them over on a night when I feel tired and unsociable, and who manage to make it a happy night for me. Thanks you guys for existing.

Sorry for being somewhat incoherent.

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