Thursday, September 02, 2004

Flu and hardware

Still have a bit of a flu. Stayed home yesterday, which did me much good. Had a good night's sleep for the first time in a long while. Stayed home today, too, but today I was working from home, and apparently looking for bugs in our software is a lot less healthy than just lying on my ass and reading a good book.

Wrote a blog entry yesterday, but my Konqueror ate it. It does so sometimes at home. What's amazing, it does not do so at work and it's the same version of Konqueror. I tried to see whether I can tweak the home Konqueror to behave, but in the life of every person there is a moment when they have to say "bugger it" and install Firefox. Also installed Galeon and Opera just for the hell of it.

Yesterday was not a very good day due to continuous sneezing and too much drugs, including the traditional Russian flu medication. Today is better.

After figuring out that the DVD+Rs do not work in Killeri's other DVD drive, and my DVD drive chokes on Verbatim DVD+Rs, too, and chokes big-time, I decided to stick both the drive and the DVD+Rs where the sun don't shine, in this case meaning back to Akateeminen and Verkkokauppa respectively. In Akateeminen they accepted the drive for warranty repairs, in Verkkokauppa they gave me my money back and sniggered in a way that suggested that I was not the first, nor probably the tenth, customer who is returning the lovely Commodore media.

Decided to do a bit of shopping to cheer myself up. Bought 256M of memory, and now have 512M like a good girl from a nice family. It sure feels good.

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