Monday, June 21, 2004

My life lately...

...has been kind of hectic. It's a combination of having a lot of stuff to do at work, and a lot of fun to have at nights. Also have been sleeping badly, which is not nice when trying to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at work. Now feeling better since slept half of the day yesterday, and fairly normally last night,too.

Joy had a birthday party on Saturday. It was smaller than usual (some people were at some festival last weekend) but fun. They taught me some card game but I have already forgotten it in spite of having been sober. Joy's retarded cat Lumppari is awfully cute, although I probably say that every time I see it. It's white and fluffy and has very light - almost white - blue eyes and no brain function whatsoever except something that makes it meow about once every two seconds. Krabak says this cat is the best example of why brothers and sisters shouldn't have any offspring together. OTOH, Benka has an acquaintance who has even less brain function, and her parents probably weren't siblings, although what do I know...

There was Tanda with little clothes on, which is not much of an event since he goes to the parties fairly often and does not wear much clothes in summer, but probably I just hadn't seen him in a while. Anyways, this time I realized that just looking at a very beautiful guy in skimpy clothes cures hangover.(For that to work the skimpy clothes should be on the guy and not on you. Although skimpy clothes on you probably don't have any ill effect, either, and guys without any clothes, skimpy or otherwise, probably work even better.)

On Sunday I slept in really late, missed a dog agility competition and the Alter Ego picnic, saw aforementioned Battle Royale 2 and wandered into Akateeminen just to take a look at Pratchett's new book, but the damn thing just jumped into my hand and refused to part with me, so I had to buy it and bring it home. In the evening Killeri came to entertain me.

This morning went to check out the new ulkomaalaispoliisi (alien police?) office. It was pretty awful, though not all the badness was due to authorities. The new office is in Malmi. Just like the old office they have a stand with all the application forms except the one that I needed, so I had to wait for hours to get the form from a real person. There was a lot more people than the last time I was there, which I guess is not their fault, and a lot of customers found it necessary to bring their children and unnecessary to tell them to behave. Grrr.

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