Monday, June 14, 2004

Argh (matalahiilihappoinen vesi)

In case you cannot read Finnish, "matalahiilihappoinen vesi" means carbonated water with a low carbon dioxide content. I refer to it in Finnish because I've never seen the damn stuff anywhere else, nor do I care to. Apparently nobody drinks that except Finns. Come to think of it, I've never heard any Finn express a preference for it, but apparently some do, otherwise it wouldn't be sold in such amounts.

The stuff tastes like carbonated water that has gone a bit flat. Why would anyone want that, as opposed to either normal carbonated water or uncarbonated water? More to the point, why did it become impossible to get normal carbonated water in 0.5 liter bottles lately? Has anyone seen a 0.5 liter bottle, preferably in a fridge, of normally carbonated BonAqua in any store this summer? Where?

And why doesn't anyone (or almost anyone) write the actual content of carbon dioxide on the bottles?

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