Thursday, June 17, 2004

The 9-11 commission

The 9-11 commission is holding its final public hearing today, and posting staff statements. Lots of interesting stuff there, And a lot of stuff that seems to be likely to have been obtained by interrogating Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

Enquiring minds want to know: where exactly is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ("undisclosed overseas location" is a safe bet, but more specifically? There is a whole world of undisclosed overseas locations out there.) and what exactly are they doing to him in order to make him talk? Not that I am particularly concerned for his well-being (I am sure the feeling is mutual), I am just really curious at to whether they are using "truth serum", electric current to the genitals, having him raped by a whole batallion of female soldiers, forcing him to listen to pop idol wannabe competitions over and over again or using some other ways of gentle persuaion.

Duh, and they did not find any connection to Saddam.

I'd bet Oska a bottle of sparkling wine on the fact that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is never going to reappear and eventually is going to die in detention of natural causes (or whatever passes for natural causes among terrorists), but Oska is probably not going to accept the bet, the cunning bugger.

Come to think of it, Oska has not accepted any political bets from me ever since Clinton got elected for the second term.

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