Monday, August 23, 2004

The weekend

Went to see Vares on Friday with Heli. It was a very pleasant surprise. The trailer advertises it as a thriller, but the movie is in fact a comedy, and a very funny one at that. I'll get a DVD when it comes out. After the movie went to see Heli's new place. It has a lovely view over Pasila.

On Saturday went shooting. It went better than expected, but need to practice more. In the evening went to friends' housewarming party, which was very nice. Everybody left at one, and some people went to continue elsewhere, but I was too sleepy. I am getting old, and even though I try to practice my partying skills almost every day, I only manage to party through the night once a month, if even that.

On Sunday went to Korkeasaari with Killeri. As soon as we got to the bears Killeri got a phone call summoning him to participate in the search and rescue of three lost girls. That's the problem with dating really nice guys: every once in a while they run off to save the world, democracy or some lost sprogs, and leave their girlfriend in a very uncomfortable state of arousal. I realize that in some big and objective scheme of things rescuing the three girls before they get eaten by wild hares and squirrels is a lot more important than whether or not I get to spend a nice evening with Killeri, but I find it unfair that children interfere with my sex life even though I don't have any (children, not sex life, although if children start getting lost every weekend to the extend of raising all the search and rescue-volunteers in the Helsinki area, might not have much of a sex life either).

Luckily the brats were apprehended pretty soon and Killeri came back to my place. Too bad about the zoo.

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