Monday, August 30, 2004

Attack on the Jewish center in Paris revisited

I guess I was wrong to laugh at CRIF and everyone else who made guesses as to the reason of the arson - in spite of antisemitic inscriptions and all today the police have detained a Jewish guy who seems to be a disgruntled ex-employee who decided to go postal on the ex-employers and blame it all on antisemites. I thnk the fucker is facing 20 years in prison if convicted.

I wonder who is Jamaat Ansar al-Jihad al-Islamiya then (the organization who took the blame)? A bunch of unefficient Islamic extremists who just decided to claim this outstanding Jewish achievement in the fine art of arson for themselves, or the guy himself?

Islamic terrorists are so in. I am a bit more traditional, and if I ever decide to commit a crime against fellow Jews and blame it on antisemites, I'd choose some Communist antisemites to blame it on. Islamists are just too trendy. How about an organization called Soon Hui V Chai North Korean Anti-Zionist Brigade?

(For those with limited knowledge of Russian, "soon hui v chai" means "stick your dick into the tea".)

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