Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I just can't leave Al-Muhajiroun in peace, can I?

Here is a lovely article with instructions in toilet use for proper Moslems. Features: "you can't read Quran in the bathroom", "don't stay there too long", "did the Prophet piss sitting or standing", etc.

OK, shouldn't make fun of it. Whatever people do in the toilet is their business, provided they don't miss the bowl.

Here is another one about the education system:

The Islamic state will have its own media department which it will use to propagate Islam and the Islamic values throughout the world and refute all the lies and misconceptions that have been propagated by the disbelievers. All the latest technological and scientific means of communications, such as satellite, electronic mail, teleconferencing etc. will be tapped, used and explored by the state in its quest to educate the citizens of Khilafah. Foreign media sources like BBC World Service, CNN, Voice of America etc., which exist in the Muslim world to confuse, attack and divert Muslims from Islam will be banned.

This sounds somehow familiar to an old Russian.

The current secular school system is very, very bad:

Perhaps the first lesson is geography. Your child will be taught about the different countries : its resources, population, peoples and culture, language, its national flag etc.... And many of these will inevitably be of Muslim countries. It all seems quite harmless until you realise that Islam does not recognise most of these countries as legitimate countries.


Maybe the next lesson in the daily routine will be science. You expect your child to gain an understanding in science that will further his/her future career. But it is easy to forget that many of the ideas taught in this subject are in direct contradiction to the Islamic belief.

After all, many theories, hypotheses and speculations, which have no firm foundation in evidence and which are subject to dispute among experts are taught as if they are established facts. The Theory of Evolution suggests that humans evolved from apes. The principle of Conservation of Energy proposes that energy is eternal (cannot be destroyed or created, but just transformed). Humans are put in the same category as animals (differing by being just a more advanced animal). The water cycle is presented as a self-subsisting system.

"Attitudes in Western science threatens the very status of God. " Duh.

Their vision of an Islamic state includes a vision of schools:

Let us consider a similar scenario as above. Your child arrives at a school in the Islamic State, and begins the day by greeting his/her colleagues and teachers with the greeting of Islam. Your child has the first lesson, perhaps a science subject. It could be a selection of the experimental or pure sciences. It would be taught with the Islamic 'aqeedah (belief) as the basis and an overriding guide. You as the parent, could rest assured that ideas such as the Theory of Evolution would not be taught; humans would not be considered as advanced animals; the Big Bang Theory would not be taught as fact (these would be studied later in university along with their refutation). Allah (swt) says in the Qur'an : "But most of them follow nothing but conjecture. Truly conjecture can be of no avail." [TMQ 10:37]

Yeah, "conjecture can be of no avail" is just an attitude for a scientist to have.

Whereas science in the West is seen as a contradiction to belief in God, within the Islamic State science would be a confirmation of the existence of Allah. Your child would come home and explain that he/she learnt about the water cycle : how Allah (swt) causes water to rise as vapour from the seas by evaporation and form clouds; then Allah (swt) would cause these clouds to give rain once they were over the lands; and Allah (swt) would cause the rain-water to gather and return back to the seas to once again start the cycle. Nothing that is taught would be in contradiction to Islam.

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