Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nasty brats

Yesterday I saw four young boys (ages 8 to 12, I'd guess) throwing eggs at a drunk guy in front of Herttoniemi subway station. I started wondering what can one do in a situation like that, apart from telling them to stop (which they would most likely, but not necessarily ignore). You can't hit them, at least not in front of witnesses at the subway station and not unless you want to be charged with assault and battery. You can legally grab one and hold him until the police arrives, but what will police do with him and what will you do with the rest of them until the police arrives?

Not that anybody could interfere in this particular case, since the little shits threw two eggs and started running, and they seemed to be future Olympic short-distance running champions. Luckily they were definitely not current or future champions in any kind of sport that requires throwing. But the question remains: what do you do to brats who are severely misbehaving in public?

Some people can really talk to children. Viu has that special way of talking that is a prefect cross between a porno-movie dominatrix and a parole officer and scares the shit out of teenagers. But what should the rest of us do, especially in a situation that does not allow for violence?

I remember Viu talking to a group of teenagers who had been shooting fireworks at the windows of a building in such a way that the teenagers ran off screaming that she is a menace to society. That was a sweet, sweet moment. Maybe I should take lessons?

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