Sunday, August 29, 2004

The weekend and a weird dream

Had a fairly good weekend, but am sleepy as hell. On Thursday went shooting with Leena, and we hanged out afterwards and had a very good time. It was Päihteiden... I mean Taiteiden Yö, a Finnish holiday where everyone gets drunks and goes to some cultural events, evil bookstores lure innocent people with promises of sales, and in the morning you still have to go to work with a bad hangover and a realization that you have just tried to buy out Akateeminen Kirjakauppa the night before, and partially succeeded. The evil bookstore managed to lure Leena and myself, but we managed to run away with only a few books and, in my case, an outrageously expensive package of 5 DVD+Rs.

The evil Commodore DVD+Rs that I bought, which do not work in my DVD drive, work in Killeri's. Which brings me to the problem of finding out which ones do not work in my drive. So the current plan is to buy DVD+Rs of many different manufacturers from various friends and see which ones work, and then order a truckload of them from some country that does not have the stupid tax.

The one Commodore DVD that Killeri has recorded for me can be read by my drive with no problem at all.

Hanged out at Killeri's place on Friday. Went to a very nice party on Saturday, and enjoyed it a lot even though it was a costume party and I had no costume. They stuck some physics transparency to my tits with a piece of tape and told me that I am a quantum mechanic now. That was easy. There was vodka-testing, cherry-smoking (I didn't smoke cherries, there is a limit to everything, I only eat them), scantily-clad men, a pancake-like thing and lots of good company, some of which were the kind of people whom I don't see on a regular basis but who are always a pleasure to run into.

Watched the rest of Band of Brothers today. Was a bit hung over, but liked it anyway (Band of Brothers, not the hangover).

Saw a weird dream on Friday night, and have no idea what it was. I don't mean that I have forgotten, as it often happens, but I did not know what I'd seen even right after waking up. The only thing I know is that it really pissed me off - I woke up in a state of extremely strong fiery murderous rage. Rage is not a condition that easily dissipates, at least not for me, at it was very weird to spend half a day extremely angry while knowing perfectly well that my anger has no object, at least not in the real world, nor in my conscious mind. It got better during the party.

Alcohol usually calms my anger down quite a lot, whether the anger is rational or not. I know it works in a completely opposite way on some people, but it feels really strange to me - very hard to imagine being drunk and pissed off at the same time.

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