Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Krav Maga, computer and other things

Had a Krav Maga lesson this morning. Hopefully won't be as sore as after the last one. My opponent this time was a guy who was both much better at it, and a lot bigger. We practiced sparring (really got my ass kicked), wrestling (did a lot better there) and various attacks from behind. One of them (put your arms under the victim's arms and then push down on the back of their had) is a very unnatural thing to do to a taller person, can't even reach their head properly.

The computer started to emit scary noises every once in a while, even scarier than before, I'd guess one of the fans is fucked up, but the problem is that I have to open it in order to hear which one it is, it immediately stops making scary sounds as soon as I open it, and often even as soon as I approach it with a screwdriver. I opened it at night and it's been quiet ever since. Lots of dust inside. Maybe I should vacuum clean it. Advice is welcome (on fan diagnostics, not on vacuum cleaning, although most people who know me probably think I am more in need of the latter).

Al-Muhajiroun gives us a complete analysis of the sutiation in Darfur. "The current problems in Darfur are fueled firstly, by the Muslims in the region having become subservient to the enemies of Islam led by the Jews who live in the region." The fact that there aren't any Jews living there does not bother them much. "Second, is the Eritrean government known for its relationship with Israel and led by a Christian Asyas Aforgi", and "Third are the Americans", not surprisingly.

The Salafi Society of North America gives us its thought on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Also on peaceful coexistence: "Are these people ignorant of the fact that the only Religion acceptable in the sight of Allaah is Islaam?"

British Airways are having technical problems and are therefore cancelling flights and stranding passengers. They better fix those problems before I fly on them, which will be fairly soon. Once I had the misfortune of observing their technical problems from very close by, complete with dumping of fuel and an emergency landing, but that merits a post of its own.

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