Friday, August 13, 2004

Life, games and shooting stars

Have no time to write much this week: too much work and three role-playing sessions, two of them for the same campaign. Although did not really have to do much there since my character got delivered to a hospital with a punctured lung in the beginning of the Tuesday session and therefore was in no condition to be very efficient. But it's fun to watch other people playing while one's own character is very much out of the game.

Saw the shooting stars on Wednesday. Even dragged my ass to Kaivopuisto for that just before midnight. Spent 20 minutes lying on my back and staring into the sky, saw 4 shoting stars for my trouble. There was a lot of other people out there but they were all going to Kaivohuone. Have no idea what was happening there.

Never understood the popularity of Kaivohuone, but then I tend to favor quiet pubs with as little smoke and music and as big a selection of beer as possible.

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