Monday, November 15, 2004

The weekend

On Friday our Praedor group has a party. Lots of good food and booze and good people. Was feeling a bit weak in the morning due to drinking vaniljakossuglögi. Should have had more common sense and known that this stuff is bad for me. In fact any glögi is bad for me, I don't know why.

Saturday was Joy's and Krabak's going-away party. Sad. Did not get drunk on account of being somewhat hangover. Made a chocolate cake, probably should've made two. Saw some people I do not often see in person. One evil person who shall not be named shot me with a water gun and tried to climb out of the balcony to escape my retribution, but was captured and dragged away from the balcony kicking and screaming.

Sunday finally paid some sleeping debts and vacuum cleaned something and tried to catch up on my Mandarin. Then Killeri came and started distracting me from my studies in various pleasant ways. Then we watched Shiri, which was fun but not quite as much fun as I expected. Now I feel like learning Korean too.

Bought a phone card, "top 10", 10 euros for 400 minutes to the US, all to be used within one month. Gonna call the relatives often this month.

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