Thursday, November 25, 2004

Russian movies, little kittens and fearsome gays

Saw a couple of Russian movies with Niksu yesterday. One was Tochka, tochka, zapyataya (Dot, dot, comma), a 1972 teenage comedy. The word inhorealismi (what would that be in English? "disgusting realism"?) came to my mind many times, even though in fact many of the worst aspects of Soviet schools were smoothed over there. The movie was made with considerable talent: some on the characters reminded me of some of my former classmates so much that I started feeling sick.

The other movie was Dom durakov (The house of fools). It is set in a psychiatric hospital right near Chechnya's border. The hospital gets taken over by Russian and Chechnyan soldiers in turns, and both of them fit in very well with crazy people and even with each other. The allegedly healthy are almost as grotesque as the crazy people, and at some point Niksu had to ask me which ones are the staff and which ones the patients. It's a good movie, if one likes grotesque and somewhat felliniesque comedy. Niksu understood almost every word of it, which is really impressive: all the characters have either a speech impairment, or a Chechen accent, or both.

Was good to see all the other inhabitants of Talo, even though did not have a lot of time to interact with them. Janka's and Orava's kittens are awfully cute, even a lot cuter than one could imagine from seeing the pictures. A lot smaller, too, and with huge ears. Nelli is also a bit smaller than I imagined. The last time I'd seen her she was a puppy. Dior has grown to be a big cat, at least in comparison to the kittens. The kittens were very well-behaved too: did not bite or scratch me even once, even though Orava tried to explain to them that here is a scary person, or maybe because of that.

Also saw some show where five gay guys come to the house of some hetero guy and redecorate the house and the guy. It was an amusing show, but ugh, poor guy. They threw out most of his clothes, gave him a haircut that looked a lot worse than the long hair he had (OK, I know I am biased) and shaved his beard and moustache off, and even though I don't like facial hair on men I must say that after they shaved it off I kind of understood why he had grown it in the first place. The guy's mouth looks like the kind of thing one would want to conceal. From wife's behavior I kind of suspect that the reason the poor guy agreed to all this was because otherwise the wife wouldn't put out.

In the end of the show they encouraged viewers to tell them about hetero men who need such makeovers. I wonder how many of those whom they contact agree to do it, and how many scandals are caused by that, espacially since Niksu said that most names are given to the show by wives and girlfriends. Don't know about other people, but if any boyfriend of mine had given my name to a makeover show, I would be most definitely not amused.

Note to self: do not let five lesbians into the house at the same time, especially if they are all stangers and show up with a TV crew. I don't need stangers redecorating me, my home or my wardrobe.

OTOH, you can send me the cooking guy. His fish thingy looked good.

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