Monday, November 29, 2004


Most of the weekend was just work and sleeping, and still did not get anything useful done. Maybe should do some more, maybe should go to bed in hope of doing something useful tomorrow. Gaah.

Friday was a nice girls' night, though. Should have these more often.

On Saturday Panu came to visit and led me onto the path of sin. The path of sin led straight into the Russian bookstore where I bought three books. All Panu's fault. Then the path of sin continued towards Akateeminen, where I bought another book, but can't blame Panu for that since I'd been considering that one for a while.

At night wanted to go the the Alter Ego sauna party, but could not make it since had a headache, did not want to go out in the horrible cold and had to read up on container-managed persistence.

Today was trying to write some code and defrost the fridge. Killeri came tonight and entertainted me in the manly way, which was fun and made me feel better and made me forget about the fucking enterprise java beans for a little while. But after that we started watching a movie, which I also expected to distract me, but during the movie the badness came back and I started being stressed out about work again.

Tomorrow gotta go to the Chinese class since skipped twice already, then to work, and in between tell some people who have offered me a little extra job that I won't be doing it since I'd need a second work permit for that. Blaah. Not that I wanted the job much, but now that they believe that I'd do it it's embarassing to say that I can't.

The job was modeling for TV ads, and in considering it I was sort of hesitating between the curiosity - I'd love to see how it's done - and the suspicion that they'd want me to do really disgusting things that I'd probably refuse to do. I really don't like being touched by hairdressers, manicure people and suchlike; these might be avoided, but the makeup people surely cannot. The thought of a stranger putting makeup on my face is really unpleasant, don't know if I can really do it for the sake of curiosity and a few hundred euros. But I at least wanted the possibility to try.

The day's objectives:

  • do work - did work, but nothing useful is accomplished

  • defrost the fridge - accomplished

  • do the laundry - accomplished

The evening's objectives:

  • get an orgasm in good company - accomplished

  • forget about the damn work - not accomplished

The night's objectives:

  • do some more work

  • not forget to hang the damn laundry out to dry

  • go to bed at a sensible time, such as before three

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