Sunday, November 21, 2004

The weekend

Had a really good time with Killeri on Friday, despite going to see Man on Fire. The movie was quite watchable too, but its cinematography was highly annoying: very fast cuts and somewhat unfocused images like in an MTV video.

Went bowling on Saturday, and then to Anu's place. It was snowing like hell and I took a few pictures. Anu's cat Pietari was sick, so we were drinking and watching his condition at the same time. At some point we figured that it's time to get him to a veterinarian, and went to Pieneläinsairaala. They catheterized Pietari and suggested penis amputation as the permanent solution to his problem. Poor kitty.

Today Heli came here and we talked and watched Divided we Fall (Musime si pomahat). It's a good movie, deserves a separate entry.

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