Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Awakening, apparently

Apparently am getting over the tired phase. Managed to write code normally yesterday, will manage today as well, went to Krav Maga for the first time in two months and it did not go half as bad as expected, called the model agency people to cancel the meeting yesterday, called a doctor and got a huge prescription of Kestine today. Gonna go to the lecture tomorrow.

Just yesterday was at Anu's place and we discussed, among other things, the absence of the word reipas in English.

I made an astonishing discovery for myself (the rest of the world probably knows already): cats have different-colored skin in places with different-colored fur. Anu's Pietari now has many places shaved, and in the places where the fur is gray the skin is gray too, and in the places where the fur is white the skin is pink.

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