Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hate mail, or lack thereof

Axis of AEvil writes about the hate email that she gets for her political opinions. I find it weird that I don't really get any. I think the difference might be that she has more readers in the US, or something like that.

I used to get a lot of hate email when I posted on Usenet. The posting that elicited the most hate email was, surprisingly, a 1993 posting on, where I expressed a preference for men with little of no body hair and asked for advice on how to estimate the likely amount of a man's body hair before they take their clothes off. I got flooded with hundreds of emails telling me how wrong my preference was. I still can't quite figure out why - I have never gotten so much email about any other of my preferences, and I never thought that hairiness was much of an issue for men, since there are a lot of women who like hairy men and a lot who like hairless or not-very-hairy ones.

My favorite quote from one of those emails:

"I and all men of the middle east take offense to your statement and wish that sexually uneducated individuals such as yourself would stay off of our Internet.

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