Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Presidential erection

I mean election, of course. The Clinton era is long over, and erections with it.

Damn, this is close. It used to be that you could go to bed peacefully by the morning knowing who has won, the candidates gave speeches each saying that the other guy, who was considered the Spawn of Satan until the election night, is in fact a fine and upstanding American, and it was over. Now there is counting and recounting and counting some more, and if it continues that way next time the North Koreans will come to monitor our election. All of them. And ask for political asylum.

To all of you who do not understand how one can vote for Bush: take a good hard look at Kerry and listen to him for 5 minutes. You will understand why some people vote for Bush. Of course it also works the other way around: you look at Bush and immediately feel like voting for Kerry. You can also take a look at the alternative candidates and understand why nobody is voting for them.

Can't we outsource the presidency to somebody abroad? Say, to Halonen? She could rule America a bit in the evenings, and probably would agree to do it for less money than Bush. Or maybe our allies in Israel would let us borrow Sharon for a while? He has a lot of experience in fighting terrorism, pacifying religious fundamentalists, and would probably be thrilled to rule a state that does not have any Arab country as a neighbor for a change. And what about Fujimori? The last I heard the guy needed a job. OK, he was a bit corrupt, but who isn't? And he did kick terrorist ass.

At least 11 days till we hear the outcome of the election. Blaah.

I see Bush is mighty popular in D.C. 9% of votes. Wonder what he'd done there.

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