Friday, November 26, 2004

Some advice to white supremacists

Been working all day and all evening, and am still not satisfied with my evil plan for our software. Oh well. At some point decided to relax by reading stupid things and found the VNN forum (don't feel like linking there, but whoever is feeling silly can find it on Google).

For the most part the white supremacist forums are boring since they all say the same things. The one thing that's fun, though, is their attempts to define "white", and this particular forum is extremely entertaining in this way. They even post pictures of people and discuss their whiteness or lack thereof. Almost all the people in the pictures are by some strange coincidence young women.

So far I haven't seen them agree on anyone's whiteness. Even Miss Germany 2002, who looks perfectly white to me, was labeled as "mud". (Some of them actually use the term "mudblood", and I would really like to know whether this usage started before Harry Potter or after.) They get especially bad headaches from Björk and her looks. Usually they manage to agree that she is a Saami Inuit Siberian, who, as we all know, are plentiful in Iceland. The loveliest quote on this subject is "Many Siberians live in Scandinavia. They have reservations there as they do in northamerica for the native population."

They are also very good in describing the Jewish conspiracy. I have learned that Jews caused autism, infidelity, homosexuality and the movie Mean Girls. Damn, this makes me feel so powerful and mighty...

But back to business: a few words of advice to white supremacists on the definition of the word "white":

1. Your power base will be rather small if you cannot agree that anyone is really white besides yourselves.

2. Your power base will be nonexistent if none of you even believe that any of the rest of you are really white.

3. Any definition of white that excludes Adolph Hitler is a bit embarassing to you and insulting to the guru of your movement.

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