Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am not sorry

I find the webpage both touching and funny, but I don't think I'll be sending my picture there anytime soon. First of all, I am definitely not sorry, at least not in an apologetic sense of the word. I have nothing to be sorry about - I voted for Kerry. Let those who voted for Bush be sorry, and I know that by the end of these 4 years, many of them will be.

I know a fair number of perfectly nice and well-educated urban people who have voted for Bush. None of their votes really counted, of course, because as a whole Massachusetts voted for Kerry, but that is not the point. And it's not even the point whether Bush or Kerry would make a better presidents, although if you believe that they are equally bad it would be nice to change them every 4 years.

The point is: look around and see who else has voted for Bush. Think a bit whether you really like to vote for politicians who represent the interests of religious fundamentalists and rednecks in the flyover country. I know you think that people like you are really in control of the Republican party, and the masses of redneck voters from the red states are just a force to be manipulated. You are wrong. They really do hold political power, a lot more than you do. Don't give them any more.

Damn, we should've let the South go when we had a chance.

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