Thursday, January 15, 2004

Hostile working environment

Imagine a huge warehouse building in the middle of nowhere. Imagine a server for embedded applications that is connected in a wrong way. Imagine that after an hour of fucking with the damn thing they finally find out that it is connected right after all. Imagine it is cold, and the toilet is half a mile away across the building. Imagine that three people are smoking all the time inside the room, and moving in a way that makes it difficult to avoid them. Imagine that a fuse blows. Imagine that you are trying to debug an application while one of the aforementioned three people is cutting metal with a fiery thingie that emits a most horrible screeching equal to at least 30 insane toddlers.

The only upside was that I wasn't the one debugging. Poor Lasu, he'll probably write about it too.

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