Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Home for the day

I woke up, looked at the meteorogical center's webpage (works better than thermometer, usually), saw the number 19 (that's -19 Celsius) and decided that going to work would mean going outside, so working from home today. I generally prefer working from work, but working from home has its advantages: don't have to wear clothes, can have a coffee frappe, can put a longer working day in because don't have to spend time on commute, and the computer is better.

Frappe is the Massachusetts word for a drink that has milk, ice cream and possibly something else (in this case coffee) mixed in a mixer. The rest of the English-speaking word calls it a milkshake, but I can't bring myself to use the word. What we call milkshake in Massachusetts is a frappe without the ice cream, and it is nasty - don't order it if you happen to be there. I have run into drinks called frappe in Helsinki, but they have always turned out to be something unthinkable.

The magazine called Anna has sent me its advertisement. A friend has once told me that its Swedish version's name is "En Anna".

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