Thursday, July 08, 2004


Tired. Tired almost to death. Had a long, long day yesterday. Should've probably kicked people out an hour earlier, but did not get around to it for a variety of reasons. OTOH, don't know if it would've helped much, the day was tiring in many other ways, too.

Wanted to call in sick in the morning, but then found some sisu (this is some mythical collective Finnish quality that gives them the strength to work while hungover) and dragged myself over to work. Am not hungover, just tired.

What is it that makes people (myself included) feel that being hungover or being tired after doing something fun all night is an insufficiently moral reason to call in sick? Is it because these are self-induced? But so are many other things - is kissing somebody on the mouth when they obviously have a flu somehow less of a negligence than drinking too much the night before? Not to mention practicing dangerous sports... Or is it that tiredness or hangover are considered to be a lot milder than a flu? (This is almost always true for me, but some other people have milder flues and more severe hangovers.)

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