Thursday, July 22, 2004

Shopping, measuring and cataloging

Went to check out Stockmann's summer sale yesterday. I usually check it out on the first day and unless there is something I really want I put the shopping off till there is a final (64% off) sale. This way I don't buy too much. I love the name of the final sale in Swedish: "slutrusch". As if everybody is rushing to get some sluts.

Anyway, I was supersensible this time and only bought some of those things that you use to handle hot pots and pans. I had somehow managed to lose almost all the ones I had, now I have 3 more.

Also bought a blood pressure meter in Lidl. Good thingie, 20 euro, batteries included. 124/78, it said, which is not bad. Maybe I should take the thing to work with me tomorrow and see the blood pressure double at the sight of the fucklift and triple at the sight of the singing teenagers.

Finally got to cataloging the DVDs, did almost half of then yesterday, hopefully will do the rest today.

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