Monday, March 12, 2007

"You can preach anything you want, just don't talk to the media!"

The Lebanese Muslim Association has banned five imams from Lakemba Mosque in Sydney from talking to the media. The imams include our old friend Taj al-Din "cat meat" al-Hilali and Yahya "god destroy the enemies of Islam" Safi.

Right. It's ok if they preach god knows what to the congregation, as long as the infidels don't hear it.

Al-Hilali has already defied the ban and given an interview, saying - guess what - that he has been misunderstood.

I can already imagine his next job performance review, which AFAIK is coming soon:

Lebanese Muslim Association: Hey, asshole, haven't we told you not to talk to the media? Infidels really don't need to hear all your shit.
Al-Hilali: Argh, bugger off. Media is our friend.
Lebanese Muslim Association: Media might be your friend, but we are your employer, so better get your ass in gear.
Al-Hilali: I am not working for you, you puny infidel-pleasers! I am working for Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Lebanese Muslim Association: All righty. Your next paycheck will be coming from the Merciful, the Compassionate, then.
Al-Hilali: Hey, guys, I did not really mean it! You are taking me out of context! I have to live on something and I can't even hit insane teenagers for donations because that silly punk Feiz Mohammed already collects all their lunch money.
Lebanese Muslim Association: Tough shit, as the Prophet (pbuh) has probably said to a lot of people. Save this context bullshit for the infidels who believe in it. Both of them. And if you speak to the media again even those two won't believe in it. There is a billion Muslims is the world and you have single-handedly used up all their out-of-context excuses for 5 years ahead. Bugger off.
Al-Hilali: But please!
Lebanese Muslim Association: OK, OK, you can preach the special sermon to retards, and no talking to the media.
Retards: Hurrah! Finally, one of us!

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