Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How about a party of the misunderstood?

Being under a fairly grave threat of being employed only by The Merciful and The Compassionate, and rightfully suspecting that The Merciful and The Compassionate might be unable to properly transfer his salary from the Heavenly Account, Al-Hilali decided to go into politics.

Being a man with a spirit (not of the alcohol kind, of course), he is not deterred by the fact that he is a laughingstock of the whole country and doesn't speak English (after all, he has lived in Australia for only 25 years).

Spokesman Keysar Trad said Sheik Hilali's vision was for a party founded on universal human values and open to all faiths and would attempt to win elections at all levels of Australian politics. The whole idea is to promote fairness across the board and specific values, such as honesty and dignity and equality.

Hey, I totally understand that the guy is about to need a new source of income, but Al-Hilali founding a party promoting honesty and dignity and equality? What are we gonna hear next? Pat Robertson founding a party to promote secularism and gay rights? Markus Drake and Rosa Meriläinen starting a War on Drugs? Osama opening an American Cultural Center in Tora Bora?

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